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Help Erin discover what happened to her father. But careful, messing with the past sometimes can be painful. 

Using an old Super8 camera, Erin will be able to rewind or fast forward objects to modify her memories.  Solve puzzles and hide from The Incorporeal in order to find the truth.

About the game

Born as our Master's Degree Project, TAPE it's a demo/alpha version presented as contestant for the PlayStation Talents 2017 and Play Station Awards España 2017. 

Inspired by games as SOMA or Silent Hill, TAPE wants to make you think, to be suspicious of everything and above all, tell you a story. 

We hope you enjoy it!

The folks from @BlackChiliGoat.

Install instructions

Thanks for browsing our game!

About Controls
Since this project was designed for PlayStation 4, we recommend to play it with a PS Controller or similar. 

If you're playing with Keyboard and Mouse, the controls are as follows:

  • WASD - Movement
  • Left Control - Crouch
  • Left Shift - Run (You'll make noise!)
  • E - Interact
  • Q - Equip/Unequip Camera (Once you obtain it)
  • With the Camera Equipped
    • Left Click - Rewind Story Items
    • Right Click - Forward Story Items
    • Left Click + Right Click - Pause Story Items
  • R - Reload the tape inside your camera (You'll also make noise!)
  • Esc - Menu


  • Erin's Camera can start affecting objects if they're inside the Focus (the white circle in the middle). To keep affecting them you'll need to keep them inside the screen.
  • An Story Item can't pass through other objects or Erin herself.
  • All of Story Items will try to go back to their initial condition, unless you Rewind or Forward them completely.
  • Erin's camera can be used to defend yourself.

This project it's still on an Alpha stage and, since we are working on it, we'll love to see your gameplays and read your feedback. Also, the story it's presented in a vague way, and we'll develop it further in the future, but we'll love to hear your opinion about it.

Sorry for the bugs and thanks for your time!

The folks from @BlackChiliGoat.


Tape 525 MB


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I loved some of the puzzles you guys thought up! Sorry for the mic levels, they were janky this vid :/

Hey Spoonage! Don't worry for the mic thing, we enjoyed the gameplay anyway! Loved your dramatic voice acting haha! We're glad that you liked it, hope to show you a good final version of the game soon!

This game looks so cool! I was very surprised how well it ran on my low-mid range computer  (until I ran into the monster where the frames really dropped), but I think an options menu to change graphics and all that would really help. Now that the only bad thing I felt about the game is over, everything was so good! I loved the sound (although I did run into an area where it was very staticy), the puzzles were great, and the camera manipulating everything mechanics were so awesome! I just loved this so much! I can't wait to see a full version of this! Made a video, I hope you enjoy it! 


Hey CyberWolf! Thanks for the video and the feedback! We take note and we will try to bring a "graphics settings" with the next update!  (so as few people as possible will have fps problems with the monster)... Anyway, great gameplay!Cheers!


Increible trabajo! Me he quedado con ganas de más! Pinta muy bien para el proyecto final!

¡Muchas gracias Sigilato por el vídeo! Nos alegra mucho de que os haya gustado, esperamos ofrecer un juego mucho más completo en el futuro, ¡estamos en ello!


This game is amazing! Keep up the good work!

Hi Prezential! Thanks for playing our game and for uploading the playthrough! We're glad you like it and we're already working on improving the enemy and the mechanics around it. Kudos!


This game was awesome.  I love the way that you use the camera to solve puzzles.  I hope you make more games that are just as awesome.  I made a video on this game so I hope that you enjoy.


Hey ReapeeRon! Thanks for this nice video and gameplay! We are really glad that you like it and we will try to improve TAPE and make a full game from it! Working hard on better puzzles and atmosphere! Cheers!


this game was so amazing! definitely something out of the ordinary! really good job on creating this game!!


Thank you very much for the gameplay and the feedback! We loved the video, wish you the best!


Hey, you are most welcome! :D i am glad you enjoyed and i look forward to your future projects! :)


I played really fun. Good Story Game!

정말 즐겁게 플레이 했어요. 굿 스토리 게임

Thank you for the gameplay! It's crazy to see that our game has reached South Korea! 고마워!!


I find that this game has alot of potential and looking forward to full game

Hey! We are working on making a full game that will use the camera in its full potential and also we want to make it way more spooky. Thanks for the amazing gameplay and feedback, it's very helpful for us! Wish you the best!


pretty cool i made some gameplay of this.

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Thanks a lot for the gameplay and the video! We are working on improving the game and make it waaay more spooky . We are glad that the sound came back just on at the right time haha

There is no sound.

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That's a known bug. Sorry about it!
We are working on it!

PD: Sometimes, if you alt+tab outside of the game and come back, it may solve. 

Are there any plans for a Linux version ?

We don't have a Linux version right now, but we're working on it!


Great to hear. Thank you for the effort.



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Thanks for playing our game and for the playthrough!


Very interesting and cool concept!! And it works so well!!
Love when developers make "magic" like this when a switch of a door can change what's behind it. Loved it! Can't wait to see more of this! Better dialogue would be appreciated though :)

Stay Rad Everybody!!

We already talk on your channel, but again, thanks for playing our game and all the feedback! Very much appreciated!


Though this is just an early alpha build for the game I feel that it was quite well done. The camera mechanic is really cool and I can't say I've seen anything like it used to this extent in a game before, this is definitely a better use for it than just having it for the sake of having a camera, it's an integral part of the story and makes sense here.

The game looks pretty good and sounds good as well, environments are well detailed and the puzzles are simple enough to figure out. 

The only gripe I had was with the camera controls, as they aren't readily available in the game (Except if using a PlayStation controller), but that's only a minor thing, I see that you included them in the description of the game but I must have glossed over them.

Given that this is only a small slice of what's hopefully to come, there aren't too many things I can point to with a review, the camera mechanic is great and definitely adds something to the game, it looks and sounds good, and the story is pretty interesting.

I hope you don't mind but I recorded a short let's play of the demo for my channel.

Cheers and best wishes to you.

Thanks for your feedback! This game was design for PS, it's running for the Game of the Year Award in the Spanish PlayStation Awards, but we are going to fix that in the next build. Thanks again for the lovely video and the detailed review. We'll keep updating the project, so keep an eye on it! Kudos!

can i run this game on 32bit system?

It's pack for 64. Sorry about that!


Is there jumpscares, I really want to play this but im scared its gonna cuase me to have a major heart attack

No jumpscares, a few tense moments only. Enjoy!


Super cool little game! Looking forward to playing the rest. Love the camera mechanic!

Thank you for the lovely playthrough! We are glad you like it. Keep an eye on it, we'll keep updating on the project in the future. Kudos!


Wow. Great concept and it made for an extremely interesting game. This was fun and very very very well made. Congrats on this... :)

Thanks! And thanks for uploading the playthrough, we'll use it to improve the game!


Interesting and nicely polished, not super spooky, but curious as to why the Dad has to be so cryptic!


Thanks for the Gameplay! And the feedback! By the way, you've already finished the full demo. Level 2 begins at the second elevator. We'll continue making changes so keep an eye on the project. Thanks for you time and the lovely video!


I really enjoy the concept of using the camera, you see game after game involving a camera but i've never seen it used this way before and I love that. I absolutely loved that we had to go through different doorways and puzzles to find the next piece to let us advance, but I had suuuchh a hard time navigating through the room with the little black demon ball. To be fair the controls were a little weird for me, after some time I started to warm up to them, but was totally confused when I entered the game because there was not a menu option for controls and there was no tutorial in game, you could even change the poster on the sign to the controls because I was pressing every button on my keyboard trying to figure it out and remember what I pressed. The only other complaint I have about this game is that when you're using the camera, the things you need to rewind are great I love the static look to it, but I feel like everything else become somewhat hard to see. Other than that I think you made a great atmosphere and a really interesting concept, I look forward to seeing what's in the next chapter and what else you'll do with the game!

Thanks for all the feedback! We are glad that you enjoyed the atmosphere and the concept. We'll keep improving and updating the project in the future. Thanks for playing!


I was pretty impressed by this game mechanically, the shifting hallways and swappable doors were awesome! It is a bit short and a little barren in some parts but it's a solid foundation for future development!


Thanks for playing our game! And for all your feedback! We'll use it to improve the game.  Kudos!


Really good atmospheric game. Well done. Would like to see a full version.

Here's my playthrough (German)

Thank you for playing! And thanks for the lovely playthrough, we learn a lot from it. We will keep the project updated!