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“TAPE” is a psychological horror game for PS4 and PC with time puzzle mechanics and deep narrative, in which you’ll have to help Iria discover the location of her father who disappeared years ago.

Using an old Super8 camera, Iria will be able to affect the time of the objects around her, exploring her deepest memories while resolving puzzles and escaping from the nightmares that dwell in her past.

About the game

Born as our Master's Degree Project, TAPE it's a demo version presented as contestant for the PlayStation Talents 2017 and winner of the Most Innovative Game at the PlayStation Awards Spain 2017.

Inspired by games as SOMA or Silent Hill, TAPE wants to make you think, to be suspicious of everything and above all, tell you a story.

We hope you enjoy it!

The folks from @BlackChiliGoat.

This demo was made by the following individuals:


  • María Chaves as Iria
  • Salvador Miralles as Anxo



  • Carlos Orueta Moreno
  • Álvaro Espinosa Marlasca
  • Miguel Ángel Alfaro  (@alfarom_dev)



  • Laura Torres de Lucas (@Duilu_Lau)
  • Daniel Rodrigo Solanas
  • Sara Martín Polo
  • Jesús Vetia
  • Sergio Moreno
  • Carlos Montero Cabello

Technical Art


This game is an alpha version of the game and does not represent the final quality of the game.


TAPE_AlphaDemo_v1.3.zip 851 MB

Install instructions

Thanks for browsing our game!

About Controls

Since this project was designed for PlayStation 4, we recommend to play it with a PS Controller or similar. 

If you're playing with Keyboard and Mouse, the controls are as follows:

  • WASD - Movement
  • Left Control - Crouch
  • Left Shift - Run (You'll make noise!)
  • E - Interact
  • Q - Equip/Unequip Camera (Once you obtain it)
  • With the Camera Equipped
    • Left Click - Rewind Story Items
    • Right Click - Forward Story Items
    • Left Click + Right Click - Pause Story Items
  • Esc - Menu


  • Iria's camera can start affecting objects if they're inside the Focus (the white circle in the middle). To keep affecting them you'll need to keep them inside the screen.
  • An object affected by the camera can't pass through other objects or Iria herself.
  • Some objects will try to go back to their initial condition, unless you Rewind or Forward them completely. Also, you can Pause them.
  • Iria's camera can be used to defend yourself.

This project it's still on an Alpha stage and, since we are working on it, we'll love to see your gameplays and read your feedback. Also, the story it's presented in a vague way, and we'll develop it further in the future, but we'll love to hear your opinion about it.

Sorry for the bugs and thanks for your time!

The folks from @BlackChiliGoat.

Development log


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legit loved it

its the second game i played in this video. i love how well made it was. you can tell you put actually effort into unlike these other asset flip games. can't wait to try the full release

SINCERAMENTE me perdi en la  histori
Sinceramente me perdi en la historia y nose como llegamos a encontrarnos con un monstruo de 3 ojos, en fin la española 😆

That was fantastic!  Would love a full game!

Thanks for playing IGT100! We are glad you like it. And thanks for the video, it was fun to watch! About the game, there's a full game already! We recently published it on PS4 (with PS5 compatibility) and Steam. Let us know if you play it. Kudos!


I will be buying the full game asap!  It's so cool that you took the time to watch my video!  Thank you so much!

You're welcome! Thank you very much for buying TAPE! We hope you like it! 


Nos gustó mucho este juego y nos encanto que podemos retroceder el tiempo de lo objetos para avanzar en el juego! Solo jugamos si la Demo y no sabemos si ustedes han publicado la versión completa. El proyecto sigue activo o se ha cancelado? 

Saludos - Daddelkutter

Hello Daddelkutter. Thanks for playing our game and for the video! We are glad you like it.

The project still goes on! In fact, we have published the final game on Steam two weeks ago. You can find the link on our webpage: https://www.blackchiligoat.com.

Thanks for playing TAPE!


Looks a pretty and interesting game. 

Thanks for playing our game!


Come and check it out!!



Thanks for playing the intro and recording it!


Primera parte del juego completo! Excelente por el momento ^^

¡Muchas gracias por jugarlo! Nos alegra que te haya gustado. :D


great game :):):)

Thanks for playing our game!



We played your game here. Definitely potential with this one :)

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I love the concept and I am happy you are still working on this game. Unfortunately, I ran into a bug where if you interact with the television in the Twin Peaks section after the tape plays all movement and controls will be centered around the television

It turned black after I out the tape in 

Hello Jadetheartist! Sorry to hear about that. This alpha was stable but it have some bugs we didn't know about when  we released it.

Can you give us more information on how the problem appears and your specs so we can look further into it? You can send us an email with the details at info@blackchiligoat.com.

Thanks for playing our game and sorry for the inconvenience!

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A review from Spain. Amazing game !!

¡Gracias por tu video! Esperamos poder anunciar una fecha en cuanto podamos y que podais sumergiros en las mecánicas de la cámara y la narrativa del juego. ¡Hasta pronto!


I look forward to exploring the time mechanic further as well as diving into the lore. 

Hello Gedalya2K! Thanks for playing our game! We are glad you like it. The game is in it's final stage of development, so we'll announce a launch date in the next months, so stay tuned. Thanks for your video!


absolutely an amazing concept. Everything from the art, lighting, depth, and the ideas behing it are so unique and well blended. My only problem was i downloaded it on my computor and hooked up my PS4 controller and I couldnt figure out which controls were what but it couldve just been me not paying attention. I loved the concept of "borrowing time" from one object so another could be manipulated. 15/10 and I'm usually picky too! Cant wait for the completed version! 

Hello achildbro! Thanks for playing our game and for your kind words!

While the game can notice changes on the hardware on real time, we are aware that the control layout in the menu may not change. Sorry about that! We already fixed it in newer versions.

We are glad you liked the concept. Our team really appreciate this kind of feedback. Thanks! We are in the final steps of development, so feel free to follow us on itch.io or twitter for new updates on the release. Stay tuned!


Hey very nice game !! Thanks 

Hello Holy! Sorry about the late response. Thank you very much for playing our game! We are glad you like it. Stay tuned for the final version of the game. And thanks for recording your gameplay, it help us a lot!


Ok , thanks for the response


This is an awesome idea and I loved playing the demo!

Hello Braden! Sorry about the late repsonse. Thank you very much for playing the game. We hope you'll play it again once we release the final version. Thanks for the video! Stay tuned!

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I have to admit, I was a bit hesitant all because I am very picky as to which games I will play, but this game turned out really neat! And it was in spanish! I'm still learning, but this was a plus for me. The artwork and voice acting is turning out great so far. I don't see the relation between that monster and what is going on in the story yet, but since it's a demo, that's no big deal. Some of the monster sounds weren't completely synced with the left and right panning yet dictating the direction of the sound. Moving around was pretty cool along with the interaction with using objects. The video recording reminded me a bit like TimeShift. I can't wait to see the updates as they come! Keep it up

Hello there Ghost 0001! Sorry about the late response (it's been a few crazy weeks in here).

Thanks for your feedback and we are really glad that you like our game. You're right about the monster, it have a deep connection with the story and what happened in Iria's past. It will be explained in the game. Thanks for playing our game!


Love this game can't wait to see the full version, i also liked the twin peaks twist to the end pritty cool thanks.

Hello Evie! Sorry about the late response. Thanks for playing our game! Twin Peaks was one of our main inspirations for the narrative of the game and Iria, the main character, is a huge horror and thriller fan. That reference is also important in the story of the game. 

Thanks for recording your gameplay! It's really useful to us. Keep tuned!


That was amazing. Please tell me this is aiming to become a full fledged game. 

I loved the art and the PT-like atmosphere is on point, but what truly blew my mind is how amazingly physical it felt to control the character. Her hands interacting with items and door handles just felt so right. It reminded me of Dark Corners of the Earth and how those guys had to cut out a similar feature because they couldn't figure out how to prevent the character's arm from bugging out all the time. You guys nailed it. I love coming up to doors at weird angles and see the character position herself correctly in such a seamless manner to open them -- pachajustright.gif

Also, nice touch with the red curtain room. The owls are not what they seem.


Hello Slug Camargo! Thanks for playing our game! And thanks for your kind words! We work a lot on the hands movement and even try to tell aspects of Iria's personality through them.  And yes! We are making it a full game. Keep tuned, we are releasing it at some point this year, for PS4 and PC.  See you at the lodge!

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So here's a question: I played using a Steam controller. I mapped most of the buttons to keyboard keys and the right touchpad and gyro to a mouse, but I kept the analog stick at its default config; so from the game's perspective I'm using keyboard, mouse and an xinput-compatible gamepad. TAPE works a-OK with that Frankenstein of a setup (so cheers for that!), the only thing you'll notice is that the on-screen prompts switch between keys/mouse buttons and PS4 buttons depending on what your last input was, but it happens on the fly without a hitch anyway, so it's almost unnoticeable.

On the other hand, there are some games (and some big, new AAA titles too) that have way more trouble with this; sometimes pausing for a fraction of a second whenever they detect such discrepancies, and sometimes even refusing to work altogether with a control system that isn't the one you launched the game with.

Do you have any idea what could be the explanation for that? Why is it that TAPE adjusts effortlessly while some other games seem to have so much trouble?

Hello there again Slug Camargo, sorry about the late response (it's been a few crazy weeks in here).

Thanks for your feedback and for telling us your experience with the Steam controller.

Actually, we made all UI and controller changes in real time when you make any input, always checking on what the player is using. Our programmers put a lot of effort in that part of the game, so thanks for telling us. They really appreciate your feedback.

Thank you very much!


I absolutely love this. Not 1 but 2 of my favorite game mechanics. I CAN NOT wait for the full release. I didn't find any game breaking glitches or any glitches.

Hello Zombiekittie! Thanks for playing our game again! Glad you like the changes and sorry about the length! We are planning on realeasing in a  few months, so stay tuned for more content about the game story and narrative! Also follow us on twitter! Thanks for the video!




Hello LeeSquad!

Thanks for playing our demo! We're glad you like it. Stay tuned, in the next months we'll be publishing a lot of content in our twitter (@BlackChiliGoat) as well as the final release date.

Thanks for the video!


Very cool! I really like the concept! Cant wait to play more!

Hi Jar_Red! Sorry for the late response! Thanks for playing our game. We are glad you like it! What remains of Edith Finch is one of our favorite games indeed. Stay tuned for the final release on the game. Thanks!

Hey, I've included your game in my latest video! Skip to 11:39 to see me play your game! Cheers!


Hello Kewalex! Sorry for the late response! Thanks for including our game in your ninth video! That was really good. Stay tuned for the final game, we plan on releasing it in a few months. Kudos!

I'm very excited for the full release!


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjA9f-DlwfI Just played the apha demo for your game in my 3 random horror games in one video. It's the last game in the video and I loved this a lot, I really liked the concept and the design and having the player being on edge from the atmosphere was a nice touch instead of jumpscares so I appreciated that a lot! :D 


Hello ZachTheAvenger! Sorry for the late response! Thanks for playing our demo. Must warn you that you played our old alpha demo. There´s a new one we uploaded 3 moths ago with a few improvements, but less gameplay time. Feel free to try it. And thanks for the video! Keep tuned!


Hi. I just played the alpha demo and enjoyed  it as an survival horror simulation veteran very much. The game said that I should update the drivers, nvidia 9800gt. So the game crashed one time, but I finished it twice. And were there some strange yellow light anamolies in the big hospital room. So, because of personel experiences I have a theory to the story.  At the end of the Let's Play did I say "preceding something ", but I meant "processing something".  The concept is really interessting and I want to play the whole game to know what's it all about. 

Hi SkilledSurvivalJourney! Sorry about the late response, but thanks for playing our game. We love to hear theories from our players, and yours is really interesting... ;) Keep tuned for the final game! Thanks!


I Love this. maybe i put this on my site https://behsazanhost.com to run it with my friends.


Played this as part of a 4 free indie horrors, and i feel it's a bit of a downgrade from the last demo. Although the game looks and plays nicer now. There significantly less to do in this demo and it's very disappointing. I did a video on the last demo as well. I give a bit more in-depth review in my video below. 


Hello UnsealedWings! Thanks for playing the new demo, and thanks for the feedback. We're sorry about the length of the demo, we wanted to show a few improvements in the overall feel of the game instead of the old one more focus on puzzle gameplay. We'll let you know once we publish the final game. Keep tuned! 


Love it ! <3




Very well made!

Hello Klabbidoo! Thanks for playing our game and for the gameplay, much appreciated. Glad you like it!


Amazing game, so glad I was stumbled upon this game! I can't wait for the full release, definitively will be amazing when it comes out! 


Hi Sliptastic! Thanks for playing our game, glad you like it! We are planning on releasing before 2020. Keep tuned!


I super enjoyed playing this game! The build up of noises/spooks to then make you think what is even going on got me so on edge! I'm really looking forward to the complete version of this game. The camera mechanic is such a cool element too! I recorded a video on your game, if you're interested feel free to check it out :)


Hello Robson! Thanks for playing the demo, and for uploading the gameplay.  Our sound designer also send his regards! Glad you like it!


Woot! So happy you are still working on this! Here's my new video and I can't wait to play more

Thank you for playing the demo! We can't wait to show you more about TAPE :)


Hello I just wanted to to say that I really enjoyed playing this game and can't wait until it's finished! Also I I made video so I hope you enjoy my video!

Thank you for sharing your video. It was a nice feedback :)

Deleted 315 days ago

Thank you for playing the game! It's impressive you got the Theme of Laura reference with only 3 chords... Glad you like the game and thanks for the video and the feedback! Keep it up! We'll anounce the release date this year, we planned on releasing before 2020. 



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YOU. ARE. BREATHTAKING😂😊 Thank you for playing our demo. We keep working on it!


Really enjoyed this, cannot wait for more

Thanks for playing the demo! And great gameplay! We are glad that you like the tone of the game and the mechanics. Stay tuned if you wanna play the full version, we hope to release it before 2020. Cheers!


LOVED IT! Loved the design, the animations, the detail to everything. Story is dwelling deeper than we know! NEED THE FULL GAME!

Thanks for playing our game! And for the video! The plot of TAPE is based on real events and locations in Spain (just a hint, all the pictures in the frames are from our development team during our investigation process). We are hoping on a full release before 2020. Stay tuned! https://twitter.com/BlackChiliGoat


I really enjoyed playing this demo, loved the unique mechanics with the camera and setup for the story. Honestly can't wait for the full release, keep up the amazing work!

Thank you! Very much appreciated! And thanks for your kind words! We are planning on a full release before 2020, stay tuned for future updates! https://twitter.com/BlackChiliGoat.

Just some more info about the plot, some parts of the story are based on real events and locations in Spain. There will be a lot of information into the game and outside of it. Glad you liked it!

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