A downloadable game for Windows

Help Iria discover what happened to her father. But careful, messing with the past sometimes can be painful. 

Using an old Super8 camera, Iria will be able to rewind or fast forward objects to modify her memories.  Solve puzzles and hide from The Guardian in order to find the truth of Iria's past.

About the game

Born as our Master's Degree Project, TAPE it's a demo version presented as contestant for the PlayStation Talents 2017 and winner of the Most Innovative Game at the PlayStation Awards Spain 2017. 

Inspired by games as SOMA or Silent Hill, TAPE wants to make you think, to be suspicious of everything and above all, tell you a story. 

We hope you enjoy it!

The folks from @BlackChiliGoat.

This demo was made by the following individuals:


  • Ricardo Franco Martín
  • Álvaro García Gutiérrez
  • Álvaro Velázquez Vico
  • Ignacio Bitrián Segura



  • Pablo Blanes Ozlane
  • Gonzalo de Francisco Hernando
  • Almudena Montero Contreras


  • Eduardo Granell Navarro
  • Jorge López Arregui


  • Trinidad Molina
  • Alex Riesgo García 

This game is an alpha version of the game and does not represent the final quality of the game.

Install instructions

Thanks for browsing our game!

About Controls
Since this project was designed for PlayStation 4, we recommend to play it with a PS Controller or similar. 

If you're playing with Keyboard and Mouse, the controls are as follows:

  • WASD - Movement
  • Left Control - Crouch
  • Left Shift - Run (You'll make noise!)
  • E - Interact
  • Q - Equip/Unequip Camera (Once you obtain it)
  • With the Camera Equipped
    • Left Click - Rewind Story Items
    • Right Click - Forward Story Items
    • Left Click + Right Click - Pause Story Items
  • R - Reload the tape inside your camera (You'll also make noise!)
  • Esc - Menu


  • Iria's camera can start affecting objects if they're inside the Focus (the white circle in the middle). To keep affecting them you'll need to keep them inside the screen.
  • An Story Item can't pass through other objects or Iria herself.
  • All of Story Items will try to go back to their initial condition, unless you Rewind or Forward them completely.
  • Iria's camera can be used to defend yourself.

This project it's still on an Alpha stage and, since we are working on it, we'll love to see your gameplays and read your feedback. Also, the story it's presented in a vague way, and we'll develop it further in the future, but we'll love to hear your opinion about it.

Sorry for the bugs and thanks for your time!

The folks from @BlackChiliGoat.


Tape 525 MB

Development log


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Gave this a run through on my Twitch stream. Good work building the mood and environment, it's so easy to do that poorly. And sorry I'm so American that I misinterpreted the accent!

Great! We have just listened to your podcast but we didn't know that you had made a playthrough too! Thanks a lot!

No worries about the accent, finally we've solved it setting the game in the 80's in Spain. We will have spanish voice acting (but completelly subbed in english, ofc)

Best regards and thanks for the support :)

Really excited for the full game! Switching the doors in the projector room was my favorite part, because it changed my idea of how the camera worked.

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This game was alot of fun I enjoyed recording it hopefully it will become a full game soon. it felt like P.T/silent hill which I loved. I don't know about SOMA I'v not played it...... yet but will be soon 😉

This is my playthrough:

We really recommend you SOMA, is a narrative horror experience with a really interesting story, that's why we love it! Thanks for the gameplay!


You guys sincerly have something good going on here. I hope this becomes a full game one day and I would genueinly pay money to buy it.

Wow! Thanks a lot for the compliments, they encourage us a lot! 

We are working hard on bringing TAPE to PS4 and Steam as soon as it is possible, so we hope the final game will like to you all!

Best regards!

This game was really cool! I liked that it used atmosphere more than jump scares and monsters. Also the mechanics worked really well. Great work :D

Yeah, we want to focus on atmosphere like the good old games like Silent Hill! We'll try to follow that mentality the whole game ^^.

Thanks for the awesome gameplay!

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Me ha encantado el juego, va a seguir o eso es todo?

Hay más, ¡hay mucho más! Estamos trabajando sin parar para poder sacar el juego completo durante el primer semestre de 2019. Si quieres ir viendo como avanza el desarrollo, ponemos actualizaciones en Twitter y Facebook :)

for some reason it never changed?

Because you should face your past instead of looking for the future...

 (aka. turn back until you see a wall)

Had a great time! Love to see more.

Hi Devy_Games, thanks a lot for the gameplay! We will love to bring you more from the game! Thanks a lot for the support :)

Any chance for a Mac release? Or will it go up on PS4?

Heya! We are planning to release it on Steam as well during 2019, by now (and since none of us owns a Mac :/) will be only released on Windows but in case we can finally develop it for Mac we will announce it for sure! 

Thanks for your interest :)


do you guys have an update page I could follow? Any news on when the next piece of this will be out? :)

Heya Angelique! Actually we try to keep updated our Twitter account (@BlackChiliGoat), we're working really hard these months so we can release TAPE asap and we are looking forward to show you people more content, but for now we have nothing worth to show but we can asure that the project is in process. Thanks for the patience :D!

Not that much scary no Jump scares but the game is good.

Yep, we are working on making it more scary! More "SilentHillesque" style rather than abusing of jumpscares. Thanks for the video :D


This idea is really good! Gonna wait for more story :)

Thank you very much for the video! We're glad you enjoyed it :) Soon you will have news from #TAPE, follow us on Social networks :D!

I posted this video a while ago but for anyone who finds it interesting and wants a taste before playing can check out my video, I highly recommend playing it and supporting BlackChiliGoat Studio!! Can't wait for the full game!!

Heya TheCrimsomGod! We already answered you in Youtube, but anyway, thank you for the gameplay :D! We are working a lot to bring the game asap! Keep in touch :D

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pretty neat concept

rated 4 *'s

Thanks for your support! We are now developing a full game. Stay tuned!

Oh sure, explain where to put the focusing thing in the description without also saying it in the game. That's helpful, considering I always forget to look at the description before starting a game.

But sarcasm aside, I actually did enjoy this game once I figured everything out. I decided to follow you in case of further updates.

Hahahaha it's one of the things we will improve for the next demo, it's a learning proces :D! Thanks for the follow and the gameplay, cheers :D!


Looks like a cool game! if you need music or sound fx for the game I'd be glad to help :)

Thank you for the compliment and the offer but our team is currently complete! If we eventually need more people we will contact you! Cheers :D

no problem! if you need someone just ask :D

It was interesting and very enjoyable, would love to see more!

Thank you for playing our demo and for the compliment we will work hard to bring you the complete game asap! Cheers and saludos!


Great game with very interesting mechanics. Cant wait fro the full release!

We expect to release it at the end of this year, we will work hard! Thanks for the demo Zeo!


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This was a super unique approach on a horror game. It felt a lot like Layers of Fear. I kinda wanna go back in and do even more investigation now. That ending definitely left me wanting more. (Sorry for all the edits, I couldn't get the embed to come up to save my life!)

Hahaha it's a honor to remind of Layers of Fear, we love the atmosphere of that game! But we will work hard to make our own way! 

Thanks for this cool gameplay :D



Well will say this game enjoyable, Can't wait till what next. 

Great video! Hope to release it at the end of this year, we will keep you informed :D!

Cheers and thanks for playing TAPE :D


Gave it a go...


Your avatar is creepier than our game, dude (thanks for the video :D)


Played the game, and gotta say I enjoyed it. Hoping to see more of it, and seeing whats on the other side of the bright light at the end!

We hope it will not let you down! thanks for that gameplay :D


The devs have aleady found my video, so now I'm here to share it with all of you! I hope you all enjoy! :)


You do well! We hope the best to your channel!

Cheers :D


Made a video 

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Thanks dudes for making it :D


I tried it, and I loved it, was a great game, the story was nice, and had some horror aspects. Or Thriller. But I like how it turned out! and I would like to see more on this game! 

Yeah, this demo is more thriller than horror, but we will work on making it more creepy :D! Loved your vid Syphongames :D


Absolutely loved this demo! I'll keep an eye on this game that's for sure :D


We hope we can bring news about the game soon! Thanks for playing our game :D!


So when do we get to see more of this awesome game? :)

Hahaha, so this week we are back in development! So during the next months we hope we will have good news to share, meanwhile... we will be updating the development on our twitter account :D! Cheers and happy new year!

This game was fantastic. I loved the camera mechanic! Looking forward to more!!

The rewind and fast forward mechanic of this game was very interesting and very well done!  I loved the demo so much and it left me wanting so much more.  Cant wait to see more if its coming!

We hope we can bring the game soon to let you unravel the mystery! Great gameplay!

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I was able to finish your game.  It was a camcorder so I can accept that :) very good game this will make a nice addition to the new 2018 playlists.  I look forward to seeing the rest if more is going to be developed, if its on Gamejolt I will support it there too.  5/5.

Youtuber:  Fellowplayer

Wow we will put it on Gamejolt soon too! We didn't think about at all =_=!

Thanks for all the good vibes and commentaries, much appreciated! And great video too :D 

This is a great demo! I had loads of fun playing it! I love the unique us of the camera mechanics.
I can't wait too see what the rest of the game will be like :D

And this was a great video! Thanks for enjoying it, we will work on improve and take advantage of all the mechanics :D!

Thank you! Can't wait too see how the story unfolds! :D

I played your game its quite fun and unique! :) Keen to see where it goes! Keep it up!

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Heya Rezquot! All the "voices from the other side" you were making were quite creepy, we loved them :D! 

Sorry if you were expecting more jumpscares, we are working on making the final version way creepier.

Thanks for playing our demo! 

Dude omg :D This is actually great! I genuinely hope you guys succeed and bring more to the table for this game!

I hate tapes...even in a horror game, something about them.

Sad to hear that =(... we will try to make you love them with our game =D

crazy theory about the story... the mom died and the dad killed her ?

insanely good game guys absolutely enjoyed it:D any info on the full release?

Well, not close but you are on the right way hahaha!

We will develop better the story in the full version of the game :P


I love the camera mechanics! The concept is amazing! I wish there was more to play and more puzzles to solve! Had an amazing time playing this one!  

Oh we love this kind of good vibed comments :D! We will work as much as possible to release a game with plenty of interesting mechanics and creepier atmosphere :D! Thanks a lot for the gameplay! Cheers!


Jajajaja, muchas gracias! Nosotros también esperamos con ansias traeros el juego completo y que lo disfrutéis :D!

¡Enorme saludo!

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I watched GG Gab's let's play of it and it peaked my interest, certainly has potential. She dropped a suggestion that some of the comenters (myself included) agree with and that is the game would be even better if came with spanish voice acting (given your accent and nationality) with english subs as translation. Native tongues that aren't english are quite exotic and give a certain "natural" vibe to the game.

Yeah, we've seen a lot of people complaining  about the voice acting so we are probably going to do what you say! We wanted to reach as much people as possible but it's good to know that a spanish voice acting would be good too. Thanks for the comment!

Congrats. Your game made it to my comedy series.  I really enjoy playing it, really getting one into the story  and the camera rewind idea i find it brilliant!. Keep going with it!

First we were scared, then kind of relieved! haha! Thanks for the good vibes, we will work on improving all the weak parts to improve the game as much as possible! 



The super 8 changing time mechanic is such an interesting feature. Excited for the full realise!

Hey Chris! Glad you like the mechanics of the camera. We are working on a full release but we don't have a date yet. Stay tuned to our twitter!

Thanks for playing our game and for your feedback on it.  We enjoyed your playthrough. Kudos!


Its a very intresting game aslo i would love to see more scary monsters :D

Thank you Mr.Lighty for this gameplay! Wehave already some cool monsters in mind, we can't wait to show the final version of the game!

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