A downloadable game for Windows

“TAPE” is a psychological horror game for PS4 and PC with time puzzle mechanics and deep narrative, in which you’ll have to help Iria discover the location of her father who disappeared years ago.

Using and old Super8 camera, Iria will be able to affect the time of the objects around her, exploring her deepest memories while resolving puzzles and escaping from the nightmares that dwell in her past.

About the game

Born as our Master's Degree Project, TAPE it's a demo version presented as contestant for the PlayStation Talents 2017 and winner of the Most Innovative Game at the PlayStation Awards Spain 2017.

Inspired by games as SOMA or Silent Hill, TAPE wants to make you think, to be suspicious of everything and above all, tell you a story.

We hope you enjoy it!

The folks from @BlackChiliGoat.

This demo was made by the following individuals:


  • María Chaves as Iria
  • Salvador Miralles as Anxo



  • Carlos Orueta Moreno
  • Álvaro Espinosa Marlasca
  • Miguel Ángel Alfaro  (@alfarom_dev)



  • Laura Torres de Lucas (@Duilu_Lau)
  • Daniel Rodrigo Solanas
  • Sara Martín Polo
  • Jesús Vetia
  • Sergio Moreno
  • Carlos Montero Cabello

Technical Art


This game is an alpha version of the game and does not represent the final quality of the game.

Install instructions

Thanks for browsing our game!

About Controls

Since this project was designed for PlayStation 4, we recommend to play it with a PS Controller or similar. 

If you're playing with Keyboard and Mouse, the controls are as follows:

  • WASD - Movement
  • Left Control - Crouch
  • Left Shift - Run (You'll make noise!)
  • E - Interact
  • Q - Equip/Unequip Camera (Once you obtain it)
  • With the Camera Equipped
    • Left Click - Rewind Story Items
    • Right Click - Forward Story Items
    • Left Click + Right Click - Pause Story Items
  • Esc - Menu


  • Iria's camera can start affecting objects if they're inside the Focus (the white circle in the middle). To keep affecting them you'll need to keep them inside the screen.
  • An object affected by the camera can't pass through other objects or Iria herself.
  • Some objects will try to go back to their initial condition, unless you Rewind or Forward them completely. Also, you can Pause them.
  • Iria's camera can be used to defend yourself.

This project it's still on an Alpha stage and, since we are working on it, we'll love to see your gameplays and read your feedback. Also, the story it's presented in a vague way, and we'll develop it further in the future, but we'll love to hear your opinion about it.

Sorry for the bugs and thanks for your time!

The folks from @BlackChiliGoat.


TAPE_AlphaDemo_v1.3.zip 851 MB

Development log


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Very cool! I really like the concept! Cant wait to play more!

Hi Jar_Red! Sorry for the late response! Thanks for playing our game. We are glad you like it! What remains of Edith Finch is one of our favorite games indeed. Stay tuned for the final release on the game. Thanks!

Hey, I've included your game in my latest video! Skip to 11:39 to see me play your game! Cheers!


Hello Kewalex! Sorry for the late response! Thanks for including our game in your ninth video! That was really good. Stay tuned for the final game, we plan on releasing it in a few months. Kudos!

I'm very excited for the full release!


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjA9f-DlwfI Just played the apha demo for your game in my 3 random horror games in one video. It's the last game in the video and I loved this a lot, I really liked the concept and the design and having the player being on edge from the atmosphere was a nice touch instead of jumpscares so I appreciated that a lot! :D 

Hello ZachTheAvenger! Sorry for the late response! Thanks for playing our demo. Must warn you that you played our old alpha demo. There´s a new one we uploaded 3 moths ago with a few improvements, but less gameplay time. Feel free to try it. And thanks for the video! Keep tuned!


Hi. I just played the alpha demo and enjoyed  it as an survival horror simulation veteran very much. The game said that I should update the drivers, nvidia 9800gt. So the game crashed one time, but I finished it twice. And were there some strange yellow light anamolies in the big hospital room. So, because of personel experiences I have a theory to the story.  At the end of the Let's Play did I say "preceding something ", but I meant "processing something".  The concept is really interessting and I want to play the whole game to know what's it all about. 

Hi SkilledSurvivalJourney! Sorry about the late response, but thanks for playing our game. We love to hear theories from our players, and yours is really interesting... ;) Keep tuned for the final game! Thanks!


I Love this. maybe i put this on my site https://behsazanhost.com to run it with my friends.


Played this as part of a 4 free indie horrors, and i feel it's a bit of a downgrade from the last demo. Although the game looks and plays nicer now. There significantly less to do in this demo and it's very disappointing. I did a video on the last demo as well. I give a bit more in-depth review in my video below. 


Hello UnsealedWings! Thanks for playing the new demo, and thanks for the feedback. We're sorry about the length of the demo, we wanted to show a few improvements in the overall feel of the game instead of the old one more focus on puzzle gameplay. We'll let you know once we publish the final game. Keep tuned! 


Love it ! <3




Very well made!

Hello Klabbidoo! Thanks for playing our game and for the gameplay, much appreciated. Glad you like it!


Amazing game, so glad I was stumbled upon this game! I can't wait for the full release, definitively will be amazing when it comes out! 


Hi Sliptastic! Thanks for playing our game, glad you like it! We are planning on releasing before 2020. Keep tuned!


I super enjoyed playing this game! The build up of noises/spooks to then make you think what is even going on got me so on edge! I'm really looking forward to the complete version of this game. The camera mechanic is such a cool element too! I recorded a video on your game, if you're interested feel free to check it out :)


Hello Robson! Thanks for playing the demo, and for uploading the gameplay.  Our sound designer also send his regards! Glad you like it!


Woot! So happy you are still working on this! Here's my new video and I can't wait to play more

Thank you for playing the demo! We can't wait to show you more about TAPE :)


Hello I just wanted to to say that I really enjoyed playing this game and can't wait until it's finished! Also I I made video so I hope you enjoy my video!

Thank you for sharing your video. It was a nice feedback :)


I really enjoyed this demo!

The mechanic is very solid and I can see it being used to great potential, the cut scenes were well acted (I think, I don't speak Spanish), one thing I was really impressed by was how smooth and good looking the hand animations  were when the character examines something.

So all in all a very good demo, I would be interested to see where you take it.

(also, I found the Silent Hill 2 nod when examining guitar, if there's one song to be influenced by, that's a damn good one!)

Here's my video for anyone interested:

Thank you for playing the game! It's impressive you got the Theme of Laura reference with only 3 chords... Glad you like the game and thanks for the video and the feedback! Keep it up! We'll anounce the release date this year, we planned on releasing before 2020. 



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YOU. ARE. BREATHTAKING😂😊 Thank you for playing our demo. We keep working on it!


Really enjoyed this, cannot wait for more

Thanks for playing the demo! And great gameplay! We are glad that you like the tone of the game and the mechanics. Stay tuned if you wanna play the full version, we hope to release it before 2020. Cheers!


LOVED IT! Loved the design, the animations, the detail to everything. Story is dwelling deeper than we know! NEED THE FULL GAME!

Thanks for playing our game! And for the video! The plot of TAPE is based on real events and locations in Spain (just a hint, all the pictures in the frames are from our development team during our investigation process). We are hoping on a full release before 2020. Stay tuned! https://twitter.com/BlackChiliGoat


I really enjoyed playing this demo, loved the unique mechanics with the camera and setup for the story. Honestly can't wait for the full release, keep up the amazing work!

Thank you! Very much appreciated! And thanks for your kind words! We are planning on a full release before 2020, stay tuned for future updates! https://twitter.com/BlackChiliGoat.

Just some more info about the plot, some parts of the story are based on real events and locations in Spain. There will be a lot of information into the game and outside of it. Glad you liked it!


I kept jumping for the dumbest reasons. This game is so cool

Indeed! Thanks for playing the game and for the video. Stay tuned for future updates! Cheers!


This is a really new and cool idea! I loved the demo and can't wait for a full release!

Thank you for playing the game and thanks for the video! We are planning on a full release before 2020, stay tuned and follow us on twitter (https://twitter.com/BlackChiliGoat) for future updates. Glad you like the game!


Thank you for the experience! Feel free to use my content :)

Thank you for playing it! And thanks for uploading the video. Its very useful for us to tune and improve the gameplay. Cheers!

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So great, I got so immersed in it. I watched Markiplier play it on his Scary Games video. I really hope it becomes a full game♥️♥️♥️

It will! We are planning on release it before 2020 if everything goes according to plan. Stay tune and follow us on twitter for future updates. Glad you like the game! 

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What a great and horrifying experience! Really interesting mechanic involving the camera and I'm really looking forward to seeing how it'll play out more in future updates! This was the 2nd game I played in my video on 3 horror games (8:44 for the start of the game).

<button itchio="" type="button" class="embed_preload youtube_preload" data-embed_code="<iframe style="width: 500px; height: 281px" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/89qRhZI0L60" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe>" style="width: 250px; height: 140px; background: url(https://i.ytimg.com/vi/89qRhZI0L60/hqdefault.jpg) 50% 50% no-repeat; background-size: cover"></button>

Thanks for playing the game! Glad you liked it and thanks for the video! Stay tuned for the final version. We planned on release it before 2020. Cheers!

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This game got loads of potential, nice scary atmosphere, was only disappointing that there no real scares in it, but since it's a demo I'll remain very hopeful since the game was really enjoyable to play. Will await the full game :) 

<button itchio="" type="button" class="embed_preload youtube_preload" data-embed_code="<iframe style=" width:="" 500px;="" height:="" 281px"="" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/3fI7aTCIr3c" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="">"></button>

Thanks for playing our game! And for your kind words! We are looking for a more psychological approach to terror, but in the final version there will be a little more tension and scares. Thank you and keep tuned!

This game isn't scary in the demo but it is really fun game to play. The demo is so good and less scary. I think that in the full game it will be more scary than this. Nice game! 

We are looking for a more SilentHill-esque approach of the fear, less jumpscares and more unsettling atmosphere. But sure you will have the chills when you play the full version :D

Follow us on twitter so you can see how the development is going: @blackchiligoat




Jajaja nos pareció muy interesante ambientarlo en el norte de España y para ello, queríamos que fuera totalmente en español.

Nos alegramos que te haya gustado :)



Link to my channel (opens in new tab) youtube.com/jonathick

Hahah we can't wait too! We're glad you like it, great channel!If you want to follow the development of TAPE, you can follow us on Twitter (@blackchiligoat)

Deleted post

Thank you very much for your kind words, it's super cool to hear that the demo worked well! We love how many theories appear and there is still a lot of mysteries to solve....

the demo was more than well,it was really good! i look forward to the full release, also markiplier played your game btw! idk if you guys knew that. keep up the good work guys.


Playing this demo you can tell this is gonna be a great game
Compelling story interesting characters realy fun mechanic's good stuff

Thank you very much Silentduck123! There is still a lot of mysteries to solve yet... We are looking forward to see your feedback once the game is released! 


🎀 GET ME OUT! | TAPE: Unveil The Memories Demo Full Gameplay Walkthrough


Hi Sirfancylot! Thanks for playing our demo! We are really glad that you liked the mechanics and flow of the game! Thanks for your feedback and kind words! Congrats on your channel!


Really love the premise, cant wait to see the full game 😀

Hello The Fringe! Thanks for playing our demo and thanks for all the feedback. We are glad you liked the game and the concept behind the camera mechanics. Great channel! Keet it up!


great job on the game i like it hope to see more

Hi LosCash2! Thanks for the gameplay! 



Great Job Guys !

Hello again Nobody in Nowhere! Thanks for coming back to play the new demo and for all the feedback. As you can see we have been pretty busy with the art and narrative design, we are glad you like the improvements! And thanks for the gameplay! We love it!


Really great looking demo. I like the camera mechanics.

Hi ProofreadFire! Thanks for the gameplay and for the comments! Glad you liked the mechanics. Cheers!


I like the game it was nice :)

Hello JangleX! Thanks for the gameplay! We love the comments!  Glad you like the concept! Cheers!


Just gave this a try!  The game so far looks really good! 

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Hello again cmodplays! Thanks for playing our last demo and thanks for the gameplay! It's really useful to us to see people play the old and new. Thanks for uploading it! Hope to see your gameplay once we release the final version! Cheers!

Una pregunta, la nueva demo AlphaDemo.rar901 MB

 4 days ago és la misma que esta 

TAPE_AlphaDemov1.2.zip850 MB ??

porque no hay manera de descargarla.

Bueno, ya te lo contestamos en Twitter, pero problema solucionado. La última versión con alguna corrección de errores es la 1.3 :)

Gracias ;)


Gave it a go...

Hi Step Vibes! Thanks for playing our demo! Sorry about the length! We will release the full game before 2020. We'll let you know once it's out! Cheers!


I enjoyed playing your game!!!

Thanks for playing the new demo ☺

Great to see all the work that's gone into this! It was a little hard for me to judge the atmosphere due to having played the older versions, but the visuals look great! The addition of having to take time from other objects to give to others is a great addition as well. But it does seem like there's been a good chunk of content cut. Keep up the great work!


Hello again CoalFire! Thanks for playing the new demo and thanks for all the feedback and good wishes.

We re currently working on the final version, and we aim to get the game out before 2020. Glad you like the stealing time feature, and sorry about the length of the demo. All the content from the previous one it's still in the game, but with a different distribution, so didn't fit well this time.

We'll let you know once we have the final release. Thanks again and congrats on the channel.

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