New demo available!

Hello everyone!

We're glad to announce that we finally have a brand new demo available

You will see a lot of changes in comparison with our first demo: 

  • we've changed the artistic style , 
  • we've set the game in the north of Spain and we have real actors in-game, 
  • we've improved the interaction with objects , 
  • the monster has been reworked from scratch and 
  • we have made some changes in the super8 camera's mechanics.

The demo's duration is around 10 minutes since it was  created to show at expos and video game events.

We hope you enjoy it and we're looking forward for your feedback!

Thank you for playing / Gracias por jugar,

the folks from BlackChiliGoat.

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Jun 22, 2019

Get TAPE: Unveil The Memories (Alpha Demo)


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